Before looking at some supplements that address specific health needs and goals, it’s important to remember that we must first make sure that our basic nutritional requirements are being met. This includes a healthy, mostly organic  diet, and all of the standard vitamin and mineral recommendations. If you have digestive problems due to a medical condition or increasing age, it’s also important to regard digestive aids and remedial substances as part of your basic requirements. In order to heal, regenerate, and repair cellular structures properly, and in order for all of our biological systems (organ systems, nervous system, immune system, hormonal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc.) to be functioning optimally, we have to insure that they are given the very best raw materials to use as building blocks. Just as you can’t construct a sturdy building with cheap materials and on a foundation of economy-grade concrete, and you can’t build a high performance vehicle out of inferior parts and try to run it on commercial grade fuels, you can’t expect your body to function at its best if you shortchange it on its basic needs. Once that’s understood and put into practice, then it’s time to consider steps to further optimize health and longevity. If you’re unable to find such supplements locally, I’ve included information for ordering high-quality supplements below.
If you’d rather skip the explanations, feel free to click here or scroll and skim down to the bottom of the page for the short and simple list of recommendations.
Anti-Aging and Longevity Nutrition
The nutritional supplement aspect of longevity is fairly easy to understand and accomplish. Although there is still some debate around the factors that contribute to aging and new research is continually being done, there is near universal agreement within the scientific/medical community that three influences are the most significant known as yet. They are the cumulative effects of free radical damage, hormonal decline, and a weakening immune system. Fortunately, these are factors that we can directly address through specific nutritional supplements. Accordingly, we want to include varied high quality antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and alleviate some of the burden on our immune system, and we want to include effective secretagogues to promote optimal hormonal balance and immune support. You may read a detailed discussion of those factors and supplements in Extending the Healthy Years of Your Life. Two other interrelated factors, apoptosis (genetically programmed cell death) and the shortening of telomeres (the ends of DNA strands, which shorten during cell replication, and eventually become too short to allow the DNA, and hence the related cell, to replicate further) may be somewhat influenced by nutritional substances, and that is discussed elsewhere.
Active H
If you’re following the recommended basics of good nutrition, you’re already taking a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement. Many vitamins and minerals have antioxidant properties and provide some protection against free radical damage. The single most potent antioxidant currently known is nanocolloidal silica hydride, available under the trade name Active H. from a company called New Vision. There is evidence that Active H has the ability to recharge other antioxidants (vitamins C, E, and beta carotene, for example) once they have neutralized a free radical and have become a weaker free radical themselves. Among its many other health benefits, it shifts the body to a more balanced alkaline state and increases oxygen uptake at a cellular level. This relieves the load on a burdened immune system, since all pathogenic microorganisms prefer an acidic environment and most are anaerobes (living without oxygen), and makes the body more resistant to most cancers, which also prefer an acidic, anaerobic environment. It also plays a role in ATP formation, which produces energy at a cellular level. For some of the scientific documentation of these statements, read below in the Nutrition for Athletic section.
SomaLife gHP
HGH is considered to be “the master hormone”, since it regulates most of the other hormones in our body, and those hormones regulate or influence almost every other functional and structural aspect of our body. While the use of direct hormone replacement is seldom advisable, a functional secretagogue may be used safely and effectively to balance hormone levels and support the hormonally mediated aspects of our immune system. In order to be effective, it must have a small enough molecular size to cross the blood/brain barrier, since that’s where the pituitary gland, which secretes HGH, is located. In addition to causing the release of HGH, it must also release it in levels adequate enough to be clinically significant, and must also be able to raise the circulating levels of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor). Fully half of the benefits of HGH occur after it’s been converted to IGF-1 by the liver. Of the hundreds of HGH secretagogues/precursor currently on the market, the only one I’m aware of that has the clinical research behind it to document those results, and that is patented in Canada and has US FDA approval, is called SomaLife gHP.
Super X
SomaLife also has created what I believe is the only intracellular antioxidant, which they call Super X. All other antioxidants work outside of the cell walls in either the fatty tissues or watery parts of our body (interstitial fluids),  but as an intracellular (“within the cell”) antioxidant, Super X penetrates the cell wall and protects the delicate inner structures from free radical damage. These structures include the mitochondria, which are the primary energy-generating organelles in our body, and the DNA itself, contained within the cell nucleus.

So, for optimal longevity nutrition, in addition to a good diet and high quality vitamin and mineral supplements, you’d want to include Active H, SomaLife gHP, and Super X. For convenience, you might want to consider SomaVit, a basic vitamin and mineral supplement made by SomaLife and designed to work in concert with gHP and Super X. Alternatively, you can apply this strategy of antioxidant protection, hormonal regulation, and immune support from other sources, but these are unique, one-of-a-kind supplements and are the best you’ll find for their purposes anywhere. They are available together in the SomaLife Pack. They cover all the basics and may be all you need, or they may be a good place to start if you decide you want to do more later. For optimal longevity, specific types of exercise (like the longevity practices of taiji and qigong) should be considered, and lifestyle concerns, like adequate sleep, fresh air, sunshine, harmonious relationships, satisfying work, and lowering stress, should also be included daily. Information about these things and many other specific nutritional supplements, superfoods, and herbs may be found elsewhere on this site, and are addressed in detail in my report, Longevity Supplements and Strategies [Link to Catalogue Page; this Article For Sale is not yet written].
There are many other supplements, health practices, and lifestyle changes that can help prevent, forestall or reverse the onset of many of the symptoms of aging. You can learn more about them by visiting other areas on this website, by looking at articles on specific health topics available here, or by requesting a personalized nutrition and wellness evaluation for a detailed report on your individual requirements, which may also include advice regarding health practices and lifestyle changes tailored to your specific needs.
Nutrition for Athletics and Other High Performance
While in training, competition or performance, athletes push their body and mind to their limits, which generates greater quantities of free radicals, creates a more acidic internal environment (lactic acid and other metabolic waste buildup), engenders higher levels of stress even if it that is subjectively interpreted positively, and increases the likelihood of injury. Additionally, their muscles must be toned and supple, and their nervous systems finely tuned and focused in order to achieve the highest level of performance possible. Although there are some additional considerations that we’ll look at a little later, many of these concerns are the same as those faced by someone who is trying to live a healthier, longer life, only the degree of attention to those factors must be higher.
Active H as it relates to athletic performance. 
1. A Potent Antioxidant: Athletic activity generates a higher than normal number of free radicals, which must be neutralized by antioxidants. According to experiments conducted by Dr. Lester Packer, an expert on antioxidants and a professor at the University of California’s Berkley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, Active H possesses antioxidant activity against hydroxyl free radicals. These are the most dangerous of all free radicals, the same type that are produced from exposure to ionizing radiation. This was corroborated by Joe McCord, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center who further went on to state that Active H can scavenge (neutralize) the superoxide free radical, and that it helps to recycle (recharge) vitamin C once that vitamin has performed all of its normal antioxidant functions.
2. An Effective Alkalizer: Even a casual athlete is familiar with the ache of lactic acid buildup after a workout. Lactic acid increases the amount of time required for a muscle to function optimally. Additionally, athletes who are interested in increasing their muscle mass frequently consume a lot of meat protein in order to bulk up. All protein, which is made up of amino acids, increases the acidity in the body, and meat protein is the most acidic. The practice of carb loading, eating a large amount of starchy carbohydrates like breads and pastas for increased energy before and endurance activity, is also very acid-forming. This needs to be balanced by an effective alkalizing substance, or by eating a large amount of alkalizing foods. In 1999, Peter Raven Ph.D., and Wendy Wasmund, B.S., of the Exercise Physiology Department of the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, conducted a double blind, placebo controlled crossover study and found that Active H significantly decreased blood lactic acid levels as compared to placebo during strenuous exercise. In 1998, the results of another controlled clinical trail were presented at The American College of Nutrition Symposium on Advances in Clinical Nutrition, in Albuquerque, NM, stating that Active H effectively increased the pH of, or alkalized, saliva and urine to statistically significant levels over the course of an 18 day study.
3. Promotes Cellular Hydration and Anabolic Metabolism: Perhaps more than any other group of people, athletes are acutely aware of the importance of hydration. Just drinking an adequate amount of water is a good first step, but it’s more crucial to insure that the water gets fully absorbed by your body, preferably down to the cellular level. Cellular hydration is what promotes anabolic (building up and repairing) metabolism. A 1999 double-blind, placebo controlled two week study conducted by Gary Osborn, R.Ph., and Heriberto Salinas, M.D., of the Texas Institute of Functional Medicines, showed that Active H supplementation provided a 2.7% increase in intracellular (within the cell) water volume and a 2% increase in Body Cell Mass, another indicator of water within the cells. This is accomplished because Active H lowers the surface tension of normal water (whether tap, spring, filtered, or bottled), which is 75 dynes per centimeter, down to 45 dynes per centimeter, which is the surface tension of our biological fluids. It takes energy for our body to make the conversion, and we do that less efficiently as we age. That’s why so many elderly people seem brittle and dried out. Active H does that conversion for us, so we hydrate more easily and efficiently. There have been many studies documenting this effect, which is simply done by measuring the surface tension of a glass of water from any source with a tensiometer, before and after dissolving one capsule of Active H in it.
4. A Non-Caloric Source of Energy: The production of ATP, the principle source of energy produced in the mitochondria, is dependent upon a compound called NADH. NADH is formed in our body when free hydrogen combines with NAD. Normally, the biochemical conversion of food is the only source of ATP, and hence energy. However, the free hydrogen supplied by Active H readily promotes the production of NADH. This has been demonstrated by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, the developer of Active H, and independently by Joe McCord, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1998. Dr. McCord stated that in vitro assays measured the direct conversion of NAD to NADH by the addition of Active H. Further, sequential additions of increasing concentrations of Active H to NAD showed a linear increase in NADH production. Simply stated, higher doses of Active H produce increasingly higher levels of energy.
The typical maintenance dosage of Active H required for general good health is two capsules a day. The superior results suggested by most of these studies, and by anecdotal testimonials of numerous athletes, were obtained by doses of 4-6 capsules a day.

SomaLife gHP.
As versatile as Active H is, it’s just one very important addition to an athlete’s nutritional program. SomaLife gHP is another indispensable nutrient for the reasons stated above in the Anti-Aging section, which is further expanded in the article, Extending the Healthy Years of Your Life. Of specific interest to athletes, gHP helps to metabolize fats, increase lean muscle mass, increase bone density, and increase energy. It also improves immune functioning, which can be an important consideration for athletes who habitually push themselves too hard and thereby weaken their immune system.
Organic Greens.
Although a good nutritional addition for everyone, athletes will particularly notice the benefits of Organic Greens, also available from New Vision. The importance of organic foods is discussed elsewhere. Organic Greens is a low-heat flash-dried green food powder supplement rich in chlorophyll, enzymes, and trace minerals. It provides further alkalizing benefits, and is a great source of light weight protein. It also contains herbs that support the immune system and help provide even, sustained energy. An analysis of these factors follows.
1. Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is very similar to human hemoglobin, with the replacement of a molecule of iron (the “heme” in hemoglobin) with one of magnesium. Because of this similarity, it aids in the building and functioning of blood. It helps to oxygenate the blood, producing more energy and endurance. Chlorophyll is also a very good antioxidant, being the main component of the green plant (along with antioxidant enzymes) that protects it from the damaging effects of the sun’s radiation. This was documented in a study by Dr. Lita Lee, which was funded by the US Army and is printed in the US Army’s Radiation Protection Manual.
2. Alkaline. Most green foods are alkalizing. In its concentrated powder form, the greens in Organic Greens are strongly alkalizing. During the stress of a workout, the muscles will produce lactic acid as a product of anaerobic metabolism (when the oxygen demands of the working muscle are not met). The oxygenating effect of chlorophyll reduces the initial lactic acid buildup, and then flushes what lactic acid is formed out of the muscle. That’s then neutralized by alkalizing effect of Organic Greens. This allows for greater endurance and a faster post-workout recovery time.
3. Enzymes. Enzymes are naturally found in all fresh, raw organic fruits and vegetables. They perform many functions in the body, but primarily fall under two main categories, as antioxidants or digestive aids. Here they provide another level of antioxidant protection, and break down food particles for better digestion and nutrient assimilation. They also assist in the rebuilding of cells, and promote healthy metabolism. When we don’t get enzymes from our food (due to a diet of commercially grown, processed, and overcooked foods), our body must rely on its finite stores of enzymes, which will get depleted over time. This contributes to accelerated aging through diminished enzymatic antioxidant protection and poor nutrient assimilation.
4. Minerals. Major and trace minerals are absolutely crucial to optimal health. Although not containing the 80 or so trace minerals that may be found in a high quality liquid ionic mineral supplement, there are 30 or more trace minerals found in Organic Greens, including the 16 most key mineral elements recommended by modern health scientists. This is higher quantity than is found in most typical multimineral supplement, and because they’re exclusively plant-source, they are highly bioavailable. Many trace minerals are necessary to assist vitamins in working properly; they catalyze many of the biochemical processes in out body; they provide the foundation for our bones, teeth, and many other body structures. Mineral deficiencies in our food, caused by topsoil mineral depletion and commercial framing practices, contribute to many of the diseases prevalent in the world today.
5. Light Weight Protein. Organic Greens contains all nine essential amino acids, a light weight, vegetarian source protein. Unlike animal protein sources, these amino acids are not acid-forming, since the green plants are abundant in alkalizing factors. Light weight vegetarian protein contributes to lean connective tissue and muscles, immune support, and improved reproductive function.
Flex-Rite, For Joint Health.
There are many additional supplements an athlete may require for best performance. One nearly universal consideration, necessary to reduce joint inflammation during strenuous workouts and lengthy endurance activities, both of which put additional strain on the joints and connective tissue, is Flex-Rite, also available from New Vision. Flex-Rite contains MSM (a natural anti-inflammatory), glucosamine sulfate (anti-inflammatory and cartilage rebuilding), calcium ascorbate (an acid-buffered form of vitamin C, necessary for the full utilization of the previous two substances), manganese (a trace mineral also necessary for the full utilization of the first two substances), and Boswellia extract. The synergy among these nutrients assists in collagen synthesis and the natural production of cartilage. Boswellia is an herbal substance used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and is commonly known as frankincense. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing joint and muscle aches while supporting stronger joints. The same supplements may be found elsewhere singly or in various combinations, but this is a complete source of all you’d need for this purpose, in a convenient single capsule form.
There are many other supplements, health practices, and lifestyle changes that can help improve your athletic performance and overall health. You can learn more about them by visiting other areas on this website, by looking at articles on specific health topics available here, or by requesting a personalized nutrition evaluation  for a detailed report on your individual requirements, which may also include advice regarding health practices and lifestyle changes tailored to your specific needs.
Nutrition for the Elderly
The elderly often have many health considerations that can benefit from the inclusion of the same supplements discussed above. Active H, which can assist in hydration and energy levels, and gHP, which can help with bone density, muscle mass, the quality of sleep, sexual functions, and the condition of hair and skin among many other things, are of special importance. Please take a few minutes to read through the Anti-Aging and Athletics sections to get an understanding of how those supplements are so necessary for an aging person.
The elderly--and even the not-so-elderly--have additional concerns as various degenerative changes begin to set in. Two of the most common changes include poor digestion and reduced memory and mental clarity.
Poor Digestion.  Good digestion is critical to good health, since it’s required in order for us to absorb our nutrition on a daily basis. It’s also a factor in proper elimination, which is necessary to avoid an accumulation of toxic waste matter in our intestines. The Organic Greens powder discussed in the Athletics section is a great help to better digestion. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include a high quality multiple enzyme supplement. As our body ages, enzyme stores get depleted, especially in people who have not included a large amount of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in their diet over the years. (Fresh raw or lightly steamed organic vegetables and fruits contain adequate amounts of enzymes to self-digest once we consume them, and do not make us use up our own enzymes in the process.) Multi-Enzymes from New Vision contains a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes and herbs that assist in the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Memory and Brain Health. As people age, it becomes increasingly common to experience “senior moments”, a usually temporary memory gap, or some difficulty in what used to be an easy problem-solving task or ordinary mental calculation. The best time to address these things is before they begin, but if you notice them happening now, there is help available from SomaLife, in the form of two supplements, IQ 150 and SomaMem [Open]. Both of these supplements contain phosphatidyl serine and phosphatidyl choline. SomaMem contains the Ayurvedic herbal memory enhancer, Bacopa monneire (Brahmi); while IQ 150 contains a blend of Turmeric powder, Green Tea extract, Spanish Sage extract, and Ginkgo Biloba. You can learn more about those supplements and the science behind them by looking here.

Nutrition for Medical Conditions
Before I begin, I need to state for legal purposes: “These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Any product recommended here is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.” Having said that, when nutritional supplements are used for medical purposes, they are referred to as orthomolecular medicine. Herbs and supplements have proven to be very effective in resolving many medical conditions. However, due to the individualized nature of medical conditions and the unique concerns and makeup of the people who have those conditions, this is an area where personalized recommendations are necessary.
There are many supplements, health practices, and lifestyle changes that can help prevent or reverse the onset of many of the symptoms and underlying causes of most diseases. You may learn about them by visiting other areas on this website, by looking at articles on specific health topics available here, or by requesting a personalized nutrition and wellness evaluation for a detailed report on your individual requirements, which may also include advice regarding health practices and lifestyle changes tailored to your specific needs.
Supplement Summary and Ordering Information.

Everyone should be taking high quality, fully bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplements. There are many brands to choose from at your local drugstores (usually of somewhat lower quality due to the presence of binders, fillers, synthetic dyes, problems with the manufacturing processes because of the inclusion of the above items, and often a lower quality of original vitamin and mineral sources, such as fractionated and/or synthetic vitamins, and cheaper grade metallic minerals which rank as the lowest in bioavailability), and many others of higher quality available at your local health food store. Among the highest quality currently available are Liquid Essential Minerals and Essential Vitamins (with or without mangosteen) from New Vision, having the added benefit of being in liquid form, from all natural whole food sources, and close to 100% bioavailable, and SomaVit from Somalife, offering the convenience of being in tablets and specially formulated to work with gHP and Super X.
Additionally, everyone interested in any aspect of better health and longevity, including athletes, the elderly, and those with specific health challenges, should include Active H and Organic Greens from New Vision, and at least SomaLife gHP from SomaLife, which will increase the release of your body’s own growth hormone, helping to regulate every aspect of your hormonal system, and address the hormonally related aspects of aging and its accompanying symptoms. Super X should be added by anyone wanting the best in total antioxidant protection, since it penetrates the cell walls to provide antioxidant activity there.
The only difference in the use of these supplements among people with various health goals is in the dosage necessary for optimal results. People who push themselves harder, like athletes, and people whose needs are greater, like those with specific health challenges, should consider taking higher than maintenance doses to get the results they require. Under most circumstances, the dosage for gHP remains the same regardless, although athletes have shown additional benefits by taking extra gHP about a half hour before workouts.
These are the baseline recommendations for everyone. Individual needs and goals will require additional supplements to fully optimize health and longevity, and the other considerations addressed elsewhere on this site need to be included as well. Always remember, though, that if you’re looking to improve your health, even a small first step is better than continuing to do things the way you’ve been doing them up until now. Start with a small change if that’s all you can do, but make that change. Add more as you are able. The more you can do to better your health, the sooner and more fully you’ll enjoy the benefits!
For more information on SomaLife supplements, including patent and scientific information, or to place an  order, click here.
For more information on New Vision supplements or to place an order, click here.
Also available here: Independent third-party source information about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, herbs, hormone replacement therapies and concerns, natural cancer therapies, men’s health issues, pH balance, water, and much more. Referenced sources include the Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Phytotherapy Research, The Archives of Internal Medicine, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  Natural Products Industry Insider, International Journal of Cancer, United States Department of Agriculture, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and many more. To access this research, click here (Open and then click on Virtual Health Info in the lower right corner of the new window.

A Final Note: Why Supplements From These Two Companies?
Not knowing where you live, the variety of supplements locally available to you, or the quality of supplements you may buy elsewhere, I recommend these two companies for at least four important reasons.
1. Uniqueness. Each company has at least one proprietary, best-in-its-class supplement that may be completely unavailable anywhere else. For New Vision, the would be Active H, and for SomaLife, that would be gHP. Those are supplements I use daily myself, and I believe they are useful and important enough for me to share with everyone who is interested in healthy longevity.
2. Quality. Depending on where you live, the other supplements offered by these companies may not be readily available. Many companies sell supplements that are called by similar names or purport to do the same thing. While some companies do in fact have very good products, quality and purity can vary dramatically.  I know that the supplements from these two companies are of the highest quality, and so I can recommend them to you  knowing that you’ll have the best chance possible of getting the outcomes you’re working towards through the use of supplements.
3. Convenience. Each company offers an autoship option to make it as easy as possible for you to get your supplements regularly, without having to go out of your way to find those supplements or remembering to get them each month. Each company also offers its own type of other conveniences. SomaLife’s products are formulated to work together which makes them synergistically more potent, and come in pill or capsule form, which makes them easy to travel with when necessary. New Vision offers a large number of organic whole food based supplements, and offers many of them in liquid form for greatest bioavailability. This is especially attractive to people who prefer to avoid pills and capsules and get most of their supplements from nutrient-dense foods.
4. Commitment to Their Customers. Each company provides educational material on their websites. New Vision offers a wealth of third-party documentation, while SomaLife includes their patent information and offers live and recorded phone discussions.
In my articles and in your personal nutrition and wellness evaluation, I cover a much broader spectrum of nutritional possibilities than are presented here, but for general purpose nutrition and longevity supplements, these two companies cover most of the bases very well.


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