Nutrition Consultation and Wellness Evaluation  Services
For patients who visit me in my office, I routinely offer nutritional advice based upon the medical interview taken on their first visit, along with physical examination (pulse and tongue diagnosis and other observations), their biomedical diagnosis if any, and then whatever else unfolds as we continue to works together over time. This advice includes changes to their diet, the use of specific nutritional supplements, and the use of Chinese and western herbs.
If you’re not in the Boston area but would like to have the benefit of a personalized nutrition and wellness evaluation, you can request an evaluation questionnaire. The questionnaire will include all of what I’d ask in an in-office visit, and will include even more detail in some areas, in order to compensate for not having you physically present for an active dialogue. You can either print the questionnaire, fill it out and mail it to me, or fill it out on your computer and return it by email. I’ll spend at least as much time and care evaluating your answers as I would if you were sitting with me in my office, and will send your personalized nutrition and wellness recommendations by email, usually within one to two week of receiving your questionnaire and payment. Response time may vary because I personally conduct the evaluations and recommendations. You will not receive a computer generated or pre-programmed response, so during busier periods, my reply may take a little longer in order for me to be able to give you the care, attention, and thoroughness you deserve.
Recommendations will include dietary changes (both things to add and things to remove from your daily diet), nutritional supplements with recommended dosages, specialized nutritional supplements along with instructions on how to get them if they are not readily available in your area, and western herbs. Because I will not have the opportunity to do any Chinese medical physical diagnosis, the use of Chinese herbal medicine may not be included, but if there is an obvious and safe fit for your needs I’ll include that information as well, and may be able to help you get them if they are not readily available in your area. If you’d benefit from making some lifestyle modifications or should consider adding some specific health practices, I’ll include those recommendations too. Finally, if your answers lead me to suspect any other medical condition that you might not be aware of, I’ll alert you to that so you may be examined by your local health care provider.
The $100 fee for this service is payable when you request your questionnaire. You may send payment via Paypal, through which you may use your credit card securely if you don’t have a Paypal account.
Request your questionnaire here.

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