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Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "All would live long, but none would be old." We hear that sentiment echoed  by more and more people in our contemporary society. The health industry is big business, and modern science has finally confirmed what has been stated (and lived) by wise and healthy people throughout the ages: that our natural life span is 120-140 years. And yet, perhaps because there are more choices available than ever before, most people seem more confused and more stressed than ever, trying one thing and then another in an effort to find "what works", or to keep up with the latest development or trend

There are many approaches we can take to extend our healthy years. Some involve a fair amount of self discipline, the learning of new techniques, adopting an exercise regimen, the breaking of bad habits, and the removal of negative influences from our lives. Others are more simple, such as the common sense practices such as getting enough sleep, drinking enough pure water, breathing fresh air and getting daily sunshine, eating primarily organic foods, and learning to relax and appreciate the simple pleasures of daily living. (Note: These and other topics are gone into at some length in a my workshop, Practical Concepts in Longevity.)  

Although there is still some debate around the factors that contribute to aging and new research is continually being done, there is near universal agreement within the scientific/medical community that three influences are the most significant known as yet. They are the cumulative effects of free radical damage, hormonal decline, and a weakening immune system.


Free radicals are electrically unbalanced atoms or molecules, missing at least one electron. We are subjected to free radicals through environmental toxins and exposure to sunlight and other natural and man-made radiation sources, but since most free radicals are oxygen based, and many of our normal biologic processes also generate free radicals, we will never be entirely without exposure to them. Free radicals strive to regain electrical balance by combining with another atom or molecule, in essence stealing an electron from that source. This is known as oxidation. Outside of our body, examples of oxidation include iron turning to rust, a cut apple turning brown, and the rubber on a windshield wiper blade, for example, becoming hard and brittle. Within our body, this is analogous to the wearing down of bone in the joints as one cause of arthritis, the formation of age spots and wrinkles on the skin, and the hardening of cholesterol to form atherosclerotic plaques in our blood vessels. At and below the cellular level, free radicals damage our mitochondria, impairing ATP formation (and hence lowering our energy levels), and damage our DNA, causing increasingly imperfect replication in all the cells of our body as they wear out and need to be replaced. Free radical damage is implicated in a variety of diseases associated with aging, too numerous to list here. Free radicals, which cause oxidation, are combated by antioxidants, sometimes referred to as free radical scavengers. Our bodies create a number of antioxidant substances in the form of enzymes and hormones, and additionally, we consume antioxidants whenever we eat raw organic fruits and vegetables. (Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and cooking beyond light steaming neutralize most of the natural antioxidants found in foods.) However, our bodies must expend energy to produce these antioxidants and they need to have an abundant supply of the raw material necessary to do so. Even the healthiest diet is not going to supply enough in the way of antioxidant protection in order to optimize our health. Because of this, we need to supplement our healthy diet with a variety of antioxidants. The most commonly known and readily available antioxidants are vitamins A, C, and E, and the mineral selenium. A number of companies package this combination under the acronym ACES. A couple of less well known and even more potent antioxidants are pycnogenol and grape seed extract (OPC).  


The single most potent antioxidant currently known is nanocolloidal silica hydride. This is now available under the trade name Active H.  Active H offers a number of other health benefits as well:

• Classified as an antioxidant, it is literally thousands of times more powerful than any other antioxidant currently known. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are involved in all degenerative processes in the body and are implicated as a major cause of aging itself.

• It shifts the pH of the body to a more balanced alkaline state. Due to the standard American diet, stress, environmental pollutants, and other factors, most of us have bodies that are more acidic than they should be. Virtually all disease organisms and parasites prefer an acidic environment. Active H- alters our biological terrain to make it more healthy for us and inhospitable to pathogens. This reduces some of the burden on our immune system.

• By providing a source of free (unbound) hydrogen, literally the smallest atom that exists and capable of penetrating every cell in the body, Active H encourages the absorption of oxygen at a cellular level. This is because hydrogen and oxygen have opposite electrical charges and so strongly attract each other. Once inside the cell, oxygen is free to do whatever is necessary before combining with two hydrogen atoms to form a water molecule.

• It lowers the surface tension of water or any fluid it comes in contact with, making it functionally wetter and similar to the biological fluids within our bodies. This greatly enhances cellular hydration, which promotes anabolic (cell building and repair) metabolism, provides increased bioavailability of all nutrients we consume (including foods), and more efficiently flushes out toxins and metabolic wastes at a cellular level.

• Active H plays a significant role in the production of ATP and increases cellular oxygenation, both of which provide energy without the use of stimulants or the addition of calories.

• The technology behind Active H, developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan after 30 years of researching the disease-free longevity of the Hunzas, has been submitted to the Nobel committee for consideration.

• A number of university studies and double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials document these effects.  


Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by cells in one part of our body, usually a gland, that influence the activity of cells in other parts of the body. Over the last few years, a number of hormones have been getting a lot of attention in the popular media, at least in part due to their anti-aging effects. The most notable of these are DHEA, melatonin, and HGH (or human growth hormone). Other familiar hormones include insulin, adrenaline, thyroid hormone, and the sex hormones testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. As we age, the levels of these hormones gradually decline, and consequently the functions that they regulate begin to diminish. This process can begin in our 20s, and by our 30s, hormonal decline is fully underway. Some hormones regulate the production of other hormones. In this regard, the most important hormone is HGH, since it's the master regulator of homeostasis (biological balance) in the body, balancing and  regulating most of the other hormones, including insulin, DHEA, melatonin, and testosterone, as well as IGF-1. It slows the aging process by blocking free radical enzymes that damage cells and DNA, and slows apoptosis, or programmed cell death. It's involved in protein synthesis, bone density, fat metabolism, and healthy immune system functioning, to name just a few things. 

I've never been an advocate of direct hormone supplementation or hormone replacement therapies (HRT) except in cases of true medical necessity. It makes more health sense to give the body what it needs in order to function optimally, and in the case of hormones, that includes the use of precursors or secretagogues. These are substances that do not contain any hormones themselves, but allow our body to produce or secrete more of its own. The danger of using any hormone directly is that the body's natural feedback mechanisms, which govern the amount of of any hormone that should be circulating at any given time, can be overridden by taking more of that hormone than we should. And only our body really knows how much that is. With secretagogues, we're setting the stage for ideal hormone levels, while keeping the body's feedback mechanism intact. 


Until very recently, most of the research reported on secretagogues from any company just gave the facts about human growth hormone itself, and not about the product being advertised. It's misleading, in that we're made to believe we're learning about the benefits of the product in question, when in fact we're learning about the benefits of HGH, and we're assuming that the product actually releases the HGH in our bodies. This is usually not the case, and to my knowledge, there's never been any clinically significant amounts of HGH released from any of the 120 or so  precursor products currently on the market. There is now one Canadian company, SomaLife, which has developed a secretagogue called SomaLife gHP that works. Here's how: 

•It actually crosses the blood-brain barrier. The Canadian version of the FDA has given the company approval to make that claim. This is significant because the pituitary gland, which is at the base of the brain, is where HGH is made and stored in our bodies. It needs to be directly accessed in order to release growth hormone.

•Studies on this exact product have demonstrated it to be effective in causing an elevation of IGF-1 to 40 mcg/liter. A reading of 25-37 mcg/liter is considered clinically significant. (Elevated levels of IGF-1 indicate an increase of blood levels of HGH, and is in fact the only form in which the body can utilize HGH.) 

This is accomplished in two patented, proprietary ways:
•First, there are 91 molecules in the amino acids used in this product. The order of amino acid stacking at the molecular level influences the way our bodies can utilize those amino acids.
•Secondly, the amino acids are derived entirely from organic, non-GMO soy, a whole food. Virtually all other secretagogues that use amino acids, use amino acids derived from bacterial fermentation cultures and recombinant DNA, yielding a less viable synthesized amino acid. (There are no whole soy proteins in this product, so it’s safe for people with soy allergies, and there is no estrogenergic effect from this product.)

In SomaLife gHP, these two factors alter the amino acid crystalline structure in a way that greatly increases cell permeability, yielding smaller and more precise amino acids than can be produced by any other method, and requires no additional delivery system to work effectively in the body.  

From conversations I've had with clinicians and research doctors using gHP, I've learned that their clinical findings include all the usual things you'd expect from *injectible* HGH:

•Loss of weight, fat and inches, (including specific fat reduction in the typical fatty areas that arise in menopausal women and older men)
•Increase in muscle mass
•Increased bone density
•Increase in libido
•Healing of old injuries
•Decrease in wrinkles
•Better immune functioning
•Better sleep
•Restoration of natural hair color
•Increased energy
•Improvement of memory and mood 

Many other improvements have been noted on a case-by-case basis. A research doctor and clinician with an M.Sc. in biochemistry has told me that after about six months on gHP, everyone's levels of HGH are restored to where they were in their 20s, and after two years, the internal organs themselves are also returned to the state they were in at that age, including measurable parameters such as weight, density, and size, as well as a minimum of 87% restoration of organ vitality and function. 

Of considerable importance, the U.S. FDA allows these claims to be made of SomaLife gHP:
•It is effective in releasing HGH when taken orally.
•It measurably increases HGH levels in 30 minutes.

This is the only product I know of, patented and based on clinical research, that is proven to release HGH in significant amounts, and in such a way that it can be converted to IGF-1 in the liver. You can view the patent and other scientific findings on gHP at this site.


While there are numerous factors that influence the the immune system, Active H and gHP support its functioning in different, interrelated ways. Active H lowers pH, making the body inhospitable to acid-loving pathogens. It also draws oxygen into the cells, neutralizing anaerobic pathogens and cancer cells, which thrive in low oxygen environments. Both of these processes reduce the load on an immune system that would otherwise have to expend resources to cope with those things. gHP insures optimal levels of circulating HGH, which regulates most other hormones in the body. This helps to insure that all of the hormonally-mediated functions of the immune system are functioning at their best.  


Although there is an abundance of compelling evidence for the inclusion of these supplements in everyone's health regimen, I don't mean to imply that just taking two supplements will solve all of your health challenges or make you immortal. But they do have a positive synergy; they support and enhance each other, sometimes by addressing the same issue but in a different way. Your individual circumstances may require some additional supplementation, and of course the considerations mentioned in the second paragraph above need to be taken into account, but this is the simplest way I know of to have the greatest impact on the broadest spectrum of health and age-related concerns. While these supplements will work best when taken together, either of them may provide substantial benefits by itself. So, you may want to start with the one that appeals to you most, and then add the other later. 


Active H and gHP are not available through regular commercial outlets. In order for me to be able to use them myself--and according to my most current research, these are the very best of their type and nothing out there is really comparable, so I do use them myself--I had to become a member of the companies that distribute them. I could sell these supplements to you at retail prices, but it's much more economical for you to become a member and buy them directly from the companies at member prices. To get Active H, click here to order. For your convenience, you might want to be on autoship, having a bottle of Active H shipped to you automatically each month so you never run out. Although continuous usage of Active H is less crucial than it is with gHP, many of its benefits are also cumulative over time, so continuous usage is recommended, at least for 3-6 months to fully evaluate it. To get SomaLife gHP, click here to order. In this case, autoship is most advisable so that you’ll receive a bottle each month. A 3-6 month evaluation period is  highly recommended for you to experience and assess the benefits of this particular supplement.  There are protocols to follow with these supplements, and that can make the difference between getting the outcomes you'd want and expect, or getting disappointing results. SomaLife sends out instructions with your order, so be sure to follow them. Active H is more variable, but the minimum dosage is one capsule twice a day with a full glass of water. For particular health challenges or to optimize physical performance, higher doses will likely be necessary. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the use of either supplement.  


If you want to try only one supplement, the one I'd recommend for most people is SomaLife gHP, since it's actions are the broadest and it has at least some influence in the other areas of health discussed above. Active H runs a very close second, and for some people it may even be a better place to start. The two work very well together though, so if possible, take both. Beyond that, I'd generally prioritize the supplements in this way: Essential Minerals, Essential Vitamins or Juice Caps (see below), Organic Greens, and Neutral C + CoEnzyme Q-10 (see below). All of these are supplements we all need. Further supplementation is best handled on an individual basis, depending on your particular needs. As an example, for those particularly interested in longevity, I'd also include Super X, the intracellular antioxidant mentioned below, and SomaVit, a vitamin formulation designed to maximize the benefits of gHP. If you choose SomaVit, you wouldn’t need the Juice Caps or Essential Vitamins from New Vision.

Basic Nutrition From New Vision:

Essential Minerals
. A vegetable source full spectrum liquid ionic (colloidal) mineral supplement. This is the most assimilable form of mineral supplement that I know of. 

Essential Vitamins Plus
. High potency, fully absorbable liquid vitamins with mangosteen and aloe vera. (Without mangosteen and aloe vera, this is available as Essential Vitamins, at a lower cost.) 

Fruit Juice Caps
and Vegetable Juice Caps. Whole food vitamin supplements, from whole fruits and vegetables. Typically, the Fruit Caps are taken in the morning and the Veggie Caps in the evening, with meals. Whole food vitamins contain all the naturally occurring cofactors necessary for vitamins to work properly in our bodies, in proportions balanced by nature. A good choice for those who prefer the easy portability of capsules instead of liquid vitamins. 

Organic Greens
. An organic green food supplement with select herbs in powder form, providing an alkalizing blend of phytonutrients, enzymes, chlorophyll, and trace minerals. 

Neutral C + CoEnzyme Q-10.
A buffered form of vitamin C (minimizing its acidity for easier digestion) and Co-Q 10 for extra antioxidant protection, heart health, and energy production.   

Beyond the Basics From New Vision:

OPC Grape Seed Extract
. A potent antioxidant blend. 

. Primarily an aid to digestion, so that we can more effectively absorb all the nutrients that are present in our food. Systemically, these enzymes provide antioxidant protection, are anti-inflammatory and break down scar tissue and other fibroses when taken on an empty stomach. 

Cellular Detox.
Calcium D-Glucarate, a patented form of glucaric acid, which is naturally occurring in the body and in some fruits and vegetables. This helps excrete toxic materials through the body’s major detoxification pathways.  

From SomaLife

A powerful new proprietary intracellular antioxidant, the only one of its kind. It protects the delicate structures within each cell (mitochondria and DNA) from free radical damage. 

. A complete multivitamin/antioxidant specially formulated by the doctors who developed gHP. Good nutrition by itself, it greatly enhances the desired benefits of gHP. There are many other supplements from both companies that address specific health challenges such as joint pain (arthritis), osteoporosis, sexual health, high cholesterol, diabetes, syndrome X, and weight loss, to name just a few. Please contact me if you’d like more information regarding your health concerns.  


Not knowing where you live, the variety of supplements locally available to you, or the quality of supplements you may buy elsewhere, I recommend these two companies for at least four important reasons. 

1. Uniqueness. Each company has at least one proprietary, best-in-its-class supplement that may be completely unavailable anywhere else. For New Vision, the would be Active H, and for SomaLife, that would be gHP. Those are supplements I use daily myself, and I believe they are useful and important enough for me to share with everyone who is interested in healthy longevity. 

2. Quality. Depending on where you live, the other supplements offered by these companies may not be readily available. Many companies sell supplements that are called by similar names or purport to do the same thing. While some companies do in fact have very good products, quality and purity can vary dramatically.  I know that the supplements from these two companies are of the highest quality, and so I can recommend them to you  knowing that you’ll have the best chance possible of getting the outcomes you’re working towards through the use of supplements.  

3. Convenience. Each company offers an autoship option to make it as easy as possible for you to get your supplements regularly, without having to go out of your way to find those supplements or remembering to get them each month. Each company also offers its own type of other conveniences. SomaLife’s products are formulated to work together which makes them synergistically more potent, and come in pill or capsule form, which makes them easy to travel with when necessary. New Vision offers a large number of organic whole food based supplements, and offers many of them in liquid form for greatest bioavailability. This is especially attractive to people who prefer to avoid pills and capsules and get most of their supplements from nutrient-dense foods. 

4. Commitment to Their Customers. Each company provides educational material on their websites. New Vision offers a wealth of third-party documentation, while SomaLife includes their patent information and offers live and recorded phone discussions. 

In my articles and in your personal nutrition and wellness evaluation, I cover a much broader spectrum of nutritional possibilities than are presented here, but for general purpose nutrition and longevity supplements, these two companies cover most of the bases very well.


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