Distance Qigong Energy Healing
General Qigong Healing 
Qigong healing works in similar ways as acupuncture, both having their roots in the same Chinese Daoist traditions. By manipulating the qi (vital energy, or life force) of the patient's body in specific ways, energetic balance is restored and physical, emotional, and mental healing occurs. In the case of qigong, the practitioner influences the energy of the patient directly, without the use of needles. The practitioner may use his own qi for this, or draw on qi from environmental or universal sources.
Understanding How Distance Healing Works
When working in the realm of energy healing, distance doesn't play a factor in outcomes. Daoism has a long history of this type of healing work, as do most spiritual traditions. If this seems difficult to accept, you can get at least some understanding of how this works from either a conventional spiritual or religious perspective, or from a modern scientific one.
If you are more inclined towards religious or spiritual thoughts and practices, you are familiar with the power of prayer. Although prayer is not the same thing as distance healing, there are some similar considerations. Prayer typically involves a request for divine intervention to benefit yourself or someone else. Just a few years ago, western medical reports were published documenting the healing power of conventional prayer in double-blind, placebo controlled studies, in which a group of people were asked to pray for people they did not know. The people prayed for were never met nor were they physically present with the people doing the praying, and some were in other states across the country. The health and well-being of those prayed for improved dramatically more than a control group who were not being prayed for.
If you are a scientific thinker you know that in the realm of quantum physics, modern science provides evidence to support the existence of a subtle unifying connection between two or more objects, even at opposite ends of the universe. If one component is perturbed, the other(s) seem to feel it, and will react to it instantly regardless of the distance, across the room, across the world, across the galaxy, or across the universe. This is called nonlocality. The property that connects spatially separate objects is called quantum entanglement, which Albert Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance”. It’s also well known that the very act of observing a quantum particle affects its behavior; this implies that consciousness has some ability to influence quantum events. I can’t say with absolute certainty that distance qigong healing makes use of nonlocal quantum entanglement as it is currently understood by modern quantum physics, but as with prayer, there are some obvious intriguing similarities, and this provides at least some framework or reference point for a western mind to use as a touchstone.
Treatable Conditions
Qigong treats most of the same conditions that acupuncture does, whether performed in-office or at a distance. I’ve had good success with a variety of health problems, including migraine and common headaches, tendinitis, menstrual and other gynecological disorders, depression, anxiety, and other emotional considerations, delayed onset of labor, hearing difficulties, and gastrointestinal problems, to name just a few. This type of healing can also be used as preventive medicine, for general energy balancing, and for stress reduction.
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Patient Testimonial

"A couple of years ago I was caught in a house fire suffering third degree burns and lung damage.   Subsequently I lost my motor skills and was wheelchair bound. I became agoraphobic;   isolated and not speaking to anyone, unable to sleep for days at a time, unable to eat solid foods for over one year. I was in excruciating physical pain, suffered the complete loss of my memory and experienced severe panic attacks. I was diagnosed as being Bipolar, Schizophrenic and Delusional. Today, thanks to you facilitating me using Long Distance Qigong healing, along with your intuition and wisdom, I have made excellent and miraculous progress.

I am once again eating, I learned to walk and talk again, I have social contact and am going into public places, got my California driver's license and am driving, am off of all sleeping pills, have organized my paperwork, am exercising, am writing a song, am hugging my husband again and am looking forward to the future! I am alive in the truest sense and If not for you, I doubt that would be possible.

I majored in Psychology at San Francisco State University, minored in Holistic Health, and was involved with Psychologists, Counselors, and Psychiatrists all of my life.   For me, your level of counseling exceeds these formats in most instances. To say you are not a Therapist is indeed a fact...in so many ways you are far more.

Words will never fully convey the deep gratitude I feel for your sharing your skills and gifts with me. It is my prayer that others who suffer will have the rich blessing of your healing practices. Your extensive knowledge has helped me with so many health issues over the time you have worked with me long distance. I wish I could pass that gift on to the entire world. It's amazing. I continue to be completely blown away by your generosity of spirit and knowledge.”

Patricia Kelly, California Patient

November 7, 2007

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