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Learn About Chinese

If you are relatively unfamiliar with Chinese medicine, or are just interested in learning more, take a minute to look here to get some basic information that will help you understand how it works, what a typical course of treatment involves, and the results you may expect.
Most people initially come to my office because they have some type of pain, discomfort, or a particular health problem they are working through. The problem may be acute or chronic, it may appear to be more physical or emotional in nature, and the person may or may not have previously sought conventional medical intervention. Regardless, my first objective is to reduce or eliminate that pain, distress, or debility, in order to restore health, improve the quality of life, and promote well-being.

As a comprehensive Chinese medical provider, my initial treatment approaches are those commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical qigong, and tuina (therapeutic bodywork). As needed, I may also employ standard adjunctive therapies, such as electroacupuncture, moxibustion and cupping.
Other available treatments include conventional massage therapy and other Western bodywork modalities, Western herbs, infrared heat therapy, or inversion therapy. All of these options are thoroughly explained to the patient, who always has the absolute right to refuse any recommended treatment.

If you are new to Chinese and complimentary medicine, or are interested in how my treatments may be similar to or different than those you might have experienced in the past, you can click here to learn what to expect during your first office visit with me.

In most cases, health may be restored through Chinese medicine alone, or in combination with conventional Western medicine. Minimal or no dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, or exercise may be required. However, the more of these changes a person is willing to include, in a personalized, integrated way, the faster and more completely their healing will occur, with far less likelihood of recurrence or need for future medical intervention.


Conditions Treated

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been used effectively to treat virtually every medical condition that conventional allopathic medicine treats. For a detailed list of commonly treatable conditions recognized by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health, please click here.

If good baseline health has been maintained or restored, a person has the option of creating a lifestyle that will increase energy levels, improve all functional activities, promote a strong, balanced immune system, halt or reverse many of the signs of aging, and extend healthy longevity. Of course this requires some extra effort and diligence to achieve, but it can be made very manageable by making just one change at a time, and getting comfortable with it before moving on to the next one. Only a small number of people choose to make all the changes necessary for optimal longevity, but even selecting one or two can make a significant impact on your health.
In my office, I can guide people in ways that suit them best. Elsewhere on this site, you’ll find  general guidelines that work well for most people. These include information about the best of the current leading-edge longevity nutriceuticals and other supplements, Chinese herbs for increasing endurance, vitality and longevity, time-honored Chinese longevity practices, such as qigong, taiji, daoist yoga, and other Chinese self-care exercises, daoist breathing for healthy longevity, the importance of periodic fasting and detoxification, eating more healthily, breathing clean ionized air, and drinking clean pH balanced water.

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