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Dragon and Tiger Qigong. Level 2 Class, 6:30-7:30 PM, beginning April 18.
The focus of the Level 2 class is on breathing and linking the physical movements of Dragon and Tiger into a flowing form. The class is open to students who know the basic movements of Dragon and Tiger. Please see the Course Descriptions page for more details about Dragon and Tiger Qigong.

• Wu Style Taiji, Part 2. 7:30-8:30 PM. Beginning April 11.
This class is a continuation of Level 1, focusing on Bending and Stretching within the form. Open only to returning students and those who know the basics of the Wu Style Short Form. If you've learned the Wu form from other teachers, please contact me before enrolling if you are interested in joining this class.

Classes are kept small, with between five and ten students in each class depending on the subject, so that everyone gets plenty of individual attention. If you have a restrictive health problem, in most cases the course can be modified to accommodate your needs.

Classes are taught in ten-week sessions, and may be joined through the second week of each session. Due to space limitations, it is necessary to pre-register for each session. Your registration check is required to verify your enrollment.

$200 for each ten-week session.

Make your enrollment check for $200 payable to Steven Cardoza and mail to:
Steven Cardoza
Compassionate Arts
13 A Medford St., Ste. 1
Arlington, MA 02474
Your enrollment check will guarantee your registration in that class. All classes are held at this location unless otherwise noted.

You may attend any weekly course in which you’ve already learned the basics, for a $25 per class drop-in fee. Please call ahead to confirm space availability.

This schedule is subject to change. Weekly classes and weekend workshops may be added at any time. Please call or email for the most current schedule, or to inquire about private lessons.

Click here for a complete list of class descriptions.

There is a minimum enrollment of four required to run each class. Your check will be held until at least four students have enrolled. In the event that the minimum enrollment is not met, a weekly class start date may be postponed a week or two to reach that minimum. If the class does not reach minimum enrollment, your check will not be deposited and it will be destroyed.

In the case of postponement, cancellation, or other schedule change that I initiate, you may get a full refund (your check will not be deposited) at the time I notify you of that change, which will be at lesat three days before the scheduled start date for the class or workshop. Otherwise you may get a full refund if you notify me at least one week prior to the beginning of a class or workshop. No refunds will be given within or after the week prior to the starting date of any class or workshop.

In the case of workshops hosted by other institutions, consult them for cancellation, postponement and refund policies.


The next weekend workshops currently scheduled are two one-day trainings at The New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown, MA. They are Chinese Self-Care Exercises and Taiji Circling Hands, on June 2 and 3, 2012. More details will appear here soon. Below is the course description of Circling Hands from a previous workshop, for your reference. Visit the Course Desciptions page on this site for more information.

Circling Hands, also known as Taiji Circling Hands and Taiji Ruler, is a very simple single-movement qigong with many possible variations. Its gentle circular pattern effectively releases tension from the spine and nervous system, relieving stress, aches and healing the spine and joints. Daoist Natural Breathing is included to massage the internal organs and promote smoothness in the practice. More experienced students can use Daoist Reverse Breathing to increase the internal (neigong) components.

You will learn to activate the Microcosmic Orbit, a core energy pathway that influences all of the Yin and Yang meridians in the body to improve overall health, while engendering a calm, focused awareness. Daoists historically first learned the Microcosmic Orbit through a moving form as taught in this workshop, although today many people use it as their primary seated meditation.

Pulsing of the joints, a neigong practice, will be introduced to amplify qi flow and healing. You’ll learn how and why Circling Hands can be used to project qi into and absorb qi from the immediate environment, and how to store gathered qi at the end of your practice.

Circling Hands is an excellent stand-alone qigong practice, is a preparation for more advanced qigongs, and provides an introduction to or an enhancement of the circularity found in all taiji forms.


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