Providing natural, holistic ways to achieve optimal health and extend the vital active years of your life.
To be truly healthy, we must learn to pay close attention to our body, respect its innate wisdom, and give it the specific support it needs to be free from pain and disease as we move into greater health and wellness. In this way, over time our body will regain much of the suppleness, vitality, and regenerative ability it had when we were very young, allowing us to heal from an existing illness, prevent the onset of many degenerative conditions, and slow the aging process. Toward those ends, I follow the holistic path of Chinese medicine, daoist internal energy practices, select Western therapies, and the best of what contemporary science has uncovered to promote natural health and longevity. As I continue to learn and integrate this into my own life, I offer these methods to help my family, friends, patients, and students achieve their personal health goals. I’d like to share this with you here.
My medical practice includes comprehensive Chinese medical services and other holistic therapies that are completely customized to your individual health needs. In addition to helping to heal any disease or improve the quality of life, these treatments relieve stress and emotional upset, and may be included as part of a general wellness program.
For those who are self-motivated and like to take a direct, active role in their health maintenance, I offer private lessons, classes, and workshops in taiji (tai chi), qigong (chi kung), and other self-care practices. They may be used to help you heal a specific existing condition, to improve general health and fitness, to increase energy and promote longevity, as an adjunct to enhance your spiritual life, or any combination of those things.
Understanding and applying the basics of good diet and nutrition, and including some of the most effective cutting edge health and longevity supplements currently available, are other key factors in creating and maintaining good health.
All the information provided here concerns known factors necessary to enjoy a long and healthy life, many having been proven as part of thousands-of-years-old traditions. There are new health and anti-aging philosophies, practices, and supplements presented everywhere you look these days. While many may have at least some merit, many others do not. Some even have potentially serious consequences, and not any one approach or supplement is going to do the whole job for you or work equally well for all people. What’s usually missing is the understanding that each of us is biochemically, physically, and emotionally unique, with our own individual and often complex requirements. Until we take that into account, it’s very difficult if not impossible to realize optimal health and longevity.
In my office, the treatments I provide and the nutrition counseling and exercise programs I recommend help people make their health choices in a comprehensive, integrated, and personalized way. You may find all you need on this site to help you make similar decisions yourself, but if you’d like more guidance, please contact me to schedule an appointment, a private lesson, or enroll in a class. If you do not live in the Boston area, I can provide you a personalized nutritional consultation and wellness evaluation, and you may be interested in the distance qigong healing sessions I offer.
Thanks for visiting my web site. New information will be added here regularly. I hope you’ll find this a useful resource for many years to come.

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